Wednesday, July 22, 2009

out of crime comes.

sometimes I have these weird annoying feelings
and when they happen I just can't think straight

truth is I crumble under pressure, and way too
much has been happening lately.
we became a south african statistic last thursday
thieves walked into our home with knives and guns,
its not that I haven't been a victim of crime.

since I have the store I have suffered many losses .

trust me walking into your business in the morning and finding
your stock gone is not a good feeling.
the last time it happened I felt defeated inside thought to myself just
quit the whole damned effort and sell the
but a year later, thank Allah, the shop recovered and we trudge on.

but when you see this crime, this invasion of your private space happening
in the flash that is fear that goes straight to your heart.
seeing the back of a stranger with a knife in hand walking towards your mother
is thee most terrifying thing on the planet.
i am a cellphone addict, but at that moment i could not dial a single digit.
i was trembling... it was scary... the mind is your enemy. the images that it creates
and plays over and over again ....
i now live in fear.


  1. slms you

    i am so sorry to hear what happened! i hope that everyone is safe! im not saying that its ok.. this doesnt make what happened a mere statistical happening, except in the realm of crime stats; more so is the gratefulness to Allah (SWT) for carrying you through the ordeal.. but knowing also full well that these violations of privacy, safety, security and emotional strength SHOULD NOT happen. First and foremost is our RIGHT to feel safe. I wish this criminalized country that we live in wasnt so screwed up! Material loss, while we can overlook it, is still WRONG because we work so damn hard for it. It's not a free for all. Its not! I get so angry when I hear of yet another violation of someone i care about... and I have had to stop reading the media reports on crime. Writing it, and Reading is not enough.
    No one should have to go through this!
    I keep a prayer for peace of mind and calmness to find its way back into your home. May Allah (SWT) have Mercy on us, and protect us always...
    Much love to you..

  2. Wslm Ms S, thank-you so much for that prayer it encompasses everything my family needs at this moment, too much has been happening.
    "Gains or losses, we are never really able to measure, mostly because we lack that level of humility to really understand the bigger picture. We're too much a part of it; a tiny speck on it, really. We the faithful, led by the All Knowing, are guided thus."
    As you put it so simply and perfectly :)