Monday, November 2, 2009

....out of marriage comes...

weddings come with alot of drama.
im skipping engagements cos
thats another whole blog by itself
here we talking the actual event and the
days preceding them...

well my niece has decided to take this giant leap
while shes just .. some young age.
i say that takes guts,
is the
most dramatically
life changing
a person makes.
i made that decision and it ended up in a D
not a bitter one or anything drastic,.
but ya im a skeptic


i believe in LOVE, and even fairytales
I think you
should take the leap when you ready, really ready
geared up
like as if you were preping for a marathon.
hmmm ya.

now we all very busy planning for this big event thats
happening on the 22nd of november
the bridal shower thats like in two weeks
the braai after
its all alot of discussions heated arguments
pacifying conversations
alot of memorable moments
all in all.
we decided,
well I suggested we make the wedding invites
POINT OF NOTE, if anyones interested,
dont make invites by yourself
we learnt the hard way.
none the less they are done and its quitely satisfying to see the
results of your efforts.
the trial "flower arragement" arrived last week and it looked

>>>>>deep breath<<<<<<<<<<<<<

like a tombstone with an overhead bridge

I would marry again
just to have the wedding day
its the nicest feeling on earth
an entire day dedicated to you.

mines was nice
on the banks of the vaal river
surrounded by all the people
that make up my life.
alot of things went wrong that day
the lady in charge of the venue
woke up drunk and was threatening
to close the gates so we cant have the
wedding there.
she didnt have waiters as arranged
she took the liberty of stirring up the
drinks herself which meant an
entire bottle of kola tonic to one jug
with a few drops of spritE!!!
cocktails hmm
no serving dishes no glasses on the tables

but thats not the memory
cause from where i sat i cried happy tears

looking around i saw my cousins
rise to the moment waiters in an instant
others drove down to pick 'n pay to organise
the serving dishes and ....
the food was lip smacking good

thats my memory...
things get messed up
plans dont go as visioned
surrounded by people who care
everything rights itself the way it should.

im happy for my niece
she has the right kinda thinking
she knows what she wants from life
and now that shes
OFFICIALY 20days away from
the big event i feel sad

to be continued


Sunday, September 27, 2009

...when the cravinG calLS...>>>>

Pizza E Vino
as miracles sometimes happen
we got done early today
and manage to close shop before 5 :)

when i was littler i use to love being home
on a saturdaY afternoon, apart from the
s u b lime siesta i would catch and the
time i would spend looking uP at the skY
there was something quietly different
about a
SATURday afternoon.
today was one of those saturDAYS :)

and than
a notion got into my head that I needed
to taste THIS PIZZA from pizza E vinO
and that was it ...................................
we got into the car drove the
R82 to JOZI to have a
taste of authentic pizzA.

(the trip before this one was for HAGEN DAZS :)

guests were eXpected for supper and parents
were calling in vain

my apartments geyser chose today as the day for a leak

back home
my mother shakes her head
"like you theres no one elsE"
"   you will nevA change     "

the moments we cherish
the moments we remember
are when we
d o
  liv e,
all for that momenT
p.s the Pizza E Vino was authentic ;)

Saturday, September 26, 2009


I am writing this post while waiting
for my strawberries to be ready
for harvesting on
F A R M V I L L E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 I am officially ADDICTED and
its driving me CRAZY.
this is what happens I find something
or someone and thats it
I become
obsessive and
   and neurotic
jeez its so ANNOYING

makes me think though

We all have our addictions, they change
over time, daily, yearly, monthly ...
its the quick fix its something we hold
on to. indulge in. spoil ourselves with .

checking uR facebook ur mXit
buying socks r a n d o m l y

i become addicted to people
   i crave a good conversation
how did I end up here ?
waiting on FARMVILLE and
with NO ONE to speak to ...?


Wednesday, September 23, 2009 lives on ...

what makes some people stay even though they are being hurt?
what makes some people leave despite their being love / loved?

some seek the l.o.n.e.l.y path and forever remain searching for
they are never at p.e.a.c.e within themselves.

laying awake.
knowing this place in your mind, you've been here before,
trying to leave this place, but,
some how
some way
you find yourself back again,

you could never give your all, or stay .t.r.u.e. and
so long as you are not set free from that which cages your mind.

Never forgetting,
that which .tortues. your mind now
Once before your joy.
you live in constant .con.tra.dic.tio.n. of your own

your .tears. (.fears.) hold you _Back_

your ._Soul_. will
forever remain
faithful to its lonely path, for,
you calling out to the _.Heavens._ for
you are not ._Brave_. enough to

Monday, August 17, 2009

out of fear comes ...

i get bored easily
bored bored bored
i have these random spurts of interest
and these moments of high adrenaline.
i think up ideas so clever and brilliant
all in my mind
and thats it,
it just
right there
maybe my boredom is actually,
or maybe even FEAR
maybe I am just too AFRAID to see
what the results of MY efforts could look like

think this approach
is limiting my LIFE
think i am afraid to even
commit myself to anything
or even seem commited
maybe thats why
I am always late
maybe thats why
prefer virtual
there is no
Garfield said
have nothhing to
I fear, fear.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

out of lifE comes.. ironY..ironY is tqadeeR>>?

thinking back last year sumtym...

we were locking shop one thursdaY evening
a few months after our third relocatioN and
I'm busy telling my technician
**fREDDy Prince Junior,**
with conviction and confidence
"Now, Finally things have settled
down and most of our stocks are paid up
we can start SEEING MONEY $$$!

FRIDAY morning I open up shop
I look up and see beAutiful sunlight
shining through the rooF
and than,
I look down and see a trail of cdS
I think out loud
"this doesn'T look ryT..."

I looked around and all my PAID UP
stock has left my store through the roof
now there's no
MONEY to be SEEN $$$$
only SUNlight :)

thursday we left a shop with
5 notebooks
but no customers
friday we open the shop with
0 notebooks
and yes ...waiT for it
5 customers !!!

WE think, WE plan,
GOD in his infinte WISDOM
thinks and plans BEST!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

out of crime comes.

sometimes I have these weird annoying feelings
and when they happen I just can't think straight

truth is I crumble under pressure, and way too
much has been happening lately.
we became a south african statistic last thursday
thieves walked into our home with knives and guns,
its not that I haven't been a victim of crime.

since I have the store I have suffered many losses .

trust me walking into your business in the morning and finding
your stock gone is not a good feeling.
the last time it happened I felt defeated inside thought to myself just
quit the whole damned effort and sell the
but a year later, thank Allah, the shop recovered and we trudge on.

but when you see this crime, this invasion of your private space happening
in the flash that is fear that goes straight to your heart.
seeing the back of a stranger with a knife in hand walking towards your mother
is thee most terrifying thing on the planet.
i am a cellphone addict, but at that moment i could not dial a single digit.
i was trembling... it was scary... the mind is your enemy. the images that it creates
and plays over and over again ....
i now live in fear.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

out of intelligence comes

my wise DOCTOR cousin called me today

we supplied her a ADSL modem
her complain:
the size of the supplied telephone cables jack is bigger
than the standard phone jack.
my reply :
BRIGHT DOCTOR SPARK takes out the phone
plug from the wall socket while shes on the phone to compare
the sizes?
end of convo .

out of boredom comes

my first post on a blog .
i have so much to say but nothing comes to mind
i wonder why did i start a blog?

i should be doing something else.

i planned a technology detoX
but instead found myself
doing this.

facebook, mxit, twitter and now this
all this connectivity in this VIrtuaL world
is making me unconnected in the REAl world