Saturday, September 26, 2009


I am writing this post while waiting
for my strawberries to be ready
for harvesting on
F A R M V I L L E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 I am officially ADDICTED and
its driving me CRAZY.
this is what happens I find something
or someone and thats it
I become
obsessive and
   and neurotic
jeez its so ANNOYING

makes me think though

We all have our addictions, they change
over time, daily, yearly, monthly ...
its the quick fix its something we hold
on to. indulge in. spoil ourselves with .

checking uR facebook ur mXit
buying socks r a n d o m l y

i become addicted to people
   i crave a good conversation
how did I end up here ?
waiting on FARMVILLE and
with NO ONE to speak to ...?



  1. lol... ur not alone its true, we all have our addictions... like my mom is addicted to farmville!!! add her okay! :P
    she like plants things that grow for a few hours if shes busy or has to go somewhere and makes sure shes back in time to do the next phase or whatever it is...

    and come visit me! my addictions are too numerous to mention! facebook, beaded earrings, twitter, my gmail account, my blackberry, reading, writing, shoes, handbags, sweet smelling creams, key rings, my blog, bOOks, fancy bookmarks, etc etc etc

  2. hey Shafs im so adding ur mum
    let her know so she accepts :)

    :) i like your list of addictions

    i will i will i will visit you
    so very soon i promise !
    i want my books and now the hard cover
    version is out Ill have that one too :)

    our addictions indicate that we are not alone
    yet we are very alone ......?