Sunday, September 27, 2009

...when the cravinG calLS...>>>>

Pizza E Vino
as miracles sometimes happen
we got done early today
and manage to close shop before 5 :)

when i was littler i use to love being home
on a saturdaY afternoon, apart from the
s u b lime siesta i would catch and the
time i would spend looking uP at the skY
there was something quietly different
about a
SATURday afternoon.
today was one of those saturDAYS :)

and than
a notion got into my head that I needed
to taste THIS PIZZA from pizza E vinO
and that was it ...................................
we got into the car drove the
R82 to JOZI to have a
taste of authentic pizzA.

(the trip before this one was for HAGEN DAZS :)

guests were eXpected for supper and parents
were calling in vain

my apartments geyser chose today as the day for a leak

back home
my mother shakes her head
"like you theres no one elsE"
"   you will nevA change     "

the moments we cherish
the moments we remember
are when we
d o
  liv e,
all for that momenT
p.s the Pizza E Vino was authentic ;)

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