Saturday, August 15, 2009

out of lifE comes.. ironY..ironY is tqadeeR>>?

thinking back last year sumtym...

we were locking shop one thursdaY evening
a few months after our third relocatioN and
I'm busy telling my technician
**fREDDy Prince Junior,**
with conviction and confidence
"Now, Finally things have settled
down and most of our stocks are paid up
we can start SEEING MONEY $$$!

FRIDAY morning I open up shop
I look up and see beAutiful sunlight
shining through the rooF
and than,
I look down and see a trail of cdS
I think out loud
"this doesn'T look ryT..."

I looked around and all my PAID UP
stock has left my store through the roof
now there's no
MONEY to be SEEN $$$$
only SUNlight :)

thursday we left a shop with
5 notebooks
but no customers
friday we open the shop with
0 notebooks
and yes ...waiT for it
5 customers !!!

WE think, WE plan,
GOD in his infinte WISDOM
thinks and plans BEST!

1 comment:

  1. aargh. irony it is, indeed :(
    sorry to hear about this. crime is crazy. im lost for words...

    but im filled with appreciation for your strength! so. when i gro up, i wana b like u! alhms.